General Session Content

2019 Golf Industry Report
Dr. Joe Beditz
CEO, National Golf Foundation

NGF’s CEO shares inside views on the state of the golf industry. Released earlier than ever before, this highly-anticipated annual overview provides perspective, supported by data, on the state of the game, including the number of golfers, rounds played, facility development, off-course participation, reach and engagement.

George Bodenheimer on Leadership
George Bodenheimer
Former Executive President and Chairman of ESPN

George Bodenheimer and Mark King have been among the most influential figures in the sports business world for much of the past four decades. King, the former CEO of TaylorMade-adidas Golf, will sit down for a provocative and enlightening one-on-one discussion with Bodenheimer, the former executive chairman of ESPN, who will discuss leadership insights gained over more than 30 years at the world’s most visible sports network.

Golf Development in Japan
Isao Aoki
Chairman, Japan Golf Tour Organization

Isao Aoki, chairman of the Japan Golf Tour Organization, will share an insider’s look at the state of the game and the business of golf in Japan, which is the best-supplied golf country in the world outside of the United States. In 2019, Japan is hosting its first PGA TOUR event and the following year will host just the second Olympic golf competition in the past 100+ years.

Gen “G” – Golf’s Most Important Target
Alexis Abramson, PhD
Generational Expert

Some in the golf industry look at the wave of retiring Baby Boomers as an economic windfall, while others expect a sharp falloff in business after they are gone. Millennials have garnered plenty of attention too, and many of the industry’s development programs are focused on Juniors. But what is really the sweet spot – The Golf Generation – for golf businesses? Dr. Abramson will detail what is really happening with Gen “G”, and what golf can learn from other industries who are innovating to address generational impacts on their businesses.

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